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  Categories: Main dish, Mexican, Tex-mex
       Yield: 2 -3 main di
       1 lb Ground beef
     1/2 c  Onion; chopped
       1 ts Seasoned salt; optional
     1/2 ts Cumin
       2 cn Refried beans
       1 pk Taco seasoning mix
       2 c  Monterey Jack Cheese; grated
     1/4 c  Green chiles; diced
       1 c  Cheddar cheese; grated
     2/3 c  Salsa
            Tortilla chips
       1 c  Guacamole seasoning;
     1/2 c  Sour cream; optional
     1/4 c  Chopped green onions;
       1 c  Sliced olives; optional
   1.  Heat skillet at med-hi temperature; brown meat and
   onions. 2.  Drain well in colander removing all grease.
   3.  Return meat and onions to skillet add cumin and
   mix well.
   4.  In a large mixing bowl, combine refried beans and
   taco seasoning mix; blend      well.
   5.  Add grated M. Jack cheese to bean mixture; mix
   together. 6.  Spread refried beans in shallow
   rectangular 9 x 13 pan. 7.  cover bean mixture with
   browned meat and onions. 8.  Sprinkle chiles evenly
   over meat.  Top with grated chedder cheese. 9.  Pour
   salsa over cheese.(May be made ahead and refrigerated
   at this point~DO NOT FREEZE!)
   10. Bake uncovered in 400 degrees oven for 20 to 25
   minutes or until thoroughly
   11. Place tortilla chips around edge of meat/beans
   dish and garnish as desired.