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                           MOLE POBLANO DE POLLO
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 Serving Size  : 4    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Poultry
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    4                    Chiles mulatos
    2                    Chiles anchos
    3                    Chiles pasillas
      1/4   c            Shortening (lard if you're
                         -being traditional)
                          -- Water, warm, to
    1                    Chicken, 4 lb
    4       tb           Shortening (or lard)
    1       sm           Carrot -- sliced
    1       sm           Onion -- sliced
    1                    Garlic clove -- peeled
    1       tb           Salt
    3                    Peppercorns
                          -- Water to cover
      1/2   c             -- Water
      1/4   c            Shortening (or lard)
      1/4   c            Tomatillos -- drained
    2                    Cloves
    5                    Peppercorns
      1/2                In Cinnamon stick
      1/8   ts           Cilantro seeds and
      1/8   ts           Aniseed, toasted together
      1/2   tb           Reserved chili seeds,
                         -toasted separately
    3       tb           Sesame seeds, toasted
    2                    Garlic cloves, toasted
    3       tb           Shortening
    1       tb           Raisins
   10                    Almonds, unblanched
    1       oz           Pumpkin seeds
    1                    Corn tortilla, stale
    3                    Croutons stale French bread
    1       oz           Mexican chocolate
    2       c            Chicken stock
   The day before, slit the chiles open with a knife and
   remove the seeds and veins, reserving at least 1/2
   tablespoon of the seeds. Heat the shortening and
   quickly fry the chiles on both sides.  Take care that
   they do not burn, and be careful how you inhale the
   fumes, unless you want a seared windpipe. Put the
   chiles into a bowl, cover them with water, and leave
   them to stand overnight.
   On serving day:  preheat the oven to 325 F.  Cut the
   chicken into serving pieces.  Set the giblets aside.
   Melt 3 tablespoons lard and brown the chicken pieces
   well.  Drain off the excess fat.  Cover the pan and
   braise the chicken in the oven, without liquid, until
   it is tender---40 to 60 minutes, depending on
   toughness.  Put the giblets into the pan with the rest
   of the ingredients.  Cover them with water and bring
   them to a boil. Lower the flame and simmer for 1-1/4
   to 1-1/2 hours. Strain the broth and set it aside.
   When the chicken is cooked, pour off the juices in the
   pan and set them aside to cool, then skim off the fat
   and add them to the giblet broth. Set it aside.  Blend
   the chiles with the water until smooth---you may have
   to do them in two or three lots but try not to add
   more water. Melt the shortening, and when it is hot
   but not smoking, cook the chili puree over a medium
   flame for about 10 minutes, stirring it all the time.
   Keep a lid handy, as it will splatter about. Set it
   aside. Put the tomatillos in a blender or food
   Put the spices into a spice grinder and add the
   toasted, cooled seeds, reserving 2 tablespoons of the
   sesame seeds for later use.  Grind the spices and
   seeds finely and transfer them to the blender jar.
   Add the toasted garlic to the blender jar.
   Melt three tablespoons of shortening in the frying pan
   and fry the raisins briefly, just until they puff up,
   and transfer them with a slotted spoon to the blender
   jar.  In the same pan fry the almonds, stirring them
   all the time, until they are well browned.  Remove
   with a slotted spoon and crush them a little before
   adding them to the blender jar. In the same pan fry
   the pumpkin seeds lightly, but have a lid handy, as
   they pop about explosively.  Remove with a slotted
   spoon and add to the blender. In the same pan fry the
   tortilla until very crisp. Remove with a slotted spoon
   and crush it a little before adding it to the blender.
   In the same pan fry the bread until crisp, then remove
   with a slotted spoon and crush. Add it to the blender
   jar. Blend all the ingredients together until they
   form a smooth paste. If it is absolutely necessary to
   add some liquid to blend it effectively, then add a
   little chicken broth.
   Add the blended mixture to the chile sauce and cook
   over a brisk flame for about five minutes, stirring
   the mixture constantly.  Break the chocolate into
   small pieces and add it to the mixture.  Continue
   cooking the _mole_ for about 10 minutes more, stirring
   it all the time so it does not stick. Add the broth
   and continue cooking the _mole_ for a minimum of 40
   minutes. Add salt as necessary, then add the chicken
   pieces and heat them through. Serve individually,
   sprinkled with some of the reserved toasted sesame
                                 The Cuisines of Mexico
                                 Diana Kennedy
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