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  Categories: Mexican, Loo
       Yield: 8 servings
       1    Small turkey, in serving
            Pieces, or 2 chickens
     1/2 c  Lard
       2    Ancho chiles, chopped
       2    Pasilla chiles, chopped
       2    Serrano chiles, chopped
       4 oz Almonds,blanched,slivered
       1 tb White sesame seeds
       2    Chorizos, peeled/chopped
       1 lg Onion, sliced thin
     1/2 lb Tomatoes, peeled, seeded,
            And chopped
       1 ts Cinnamon powder
       2 c  Turkey or chicken stock
       1 tb Sugar
       5 ts Cider vinegar
       1 ts Salt or to taste
       4 oz Pineapple, chunked
       2    Firm cooking apples,
            Peeled, cored, & sliced
       1 lg Unripe banana, peeled
            And sliced
   This looks very much like Mancha manteles, which Richard [Manchurian
   Candidate] Condon describes in The Mexican Stove:
     Two little women staggered in from another room carrying a gigantic
     bowl of something which was jetting hot perfume. The sen~ora hoped
     I enjoyed mancha manteles. Reyes explained that this was the second
     Mexican meal of my life, ... but that he knew that I would -love-
     mancha manteles. The sen~ora beamed and instructed me to eat heart-
     ily, remembering that the translation of mancha manteles was: ta-
     blecloth stainer. I was sweating hard as she overdid me the honor
     of preparing my plate, a very wide plate, perhaps a foot in diam-
     eter. The tablecloth stainer contains the following: one turkey,
     four chorizo sausages, sliced pineapples, sliced apples, sliced
     bananas, some pork; ancho, pasilla and serrano chiles; almonds,
     cinnamon, lard, and tomato puree. Reyes scooped away as though
     he had picked up a fake stomach at Macy’s. I got through it. ...
     A very peculiar physiological metamorphosis happened to Reyes
     that afternoon. When he entered the chairman’s house he was a
     well-set-up, definitely not stout fellow who spoke American with
     a marked California accent. After that dinner he was not only a
     stout man - and I mean a shorter, rounder, fatter man with a
     pronounced paunch - but his speech changed. He would ramble in
     the diction of a jazz musician or break into voluble Spanish.
     Not that the sen~ora’s meal taught him to speak Spanish. He had
     always spoken Spanish. But never to Jewish delicatessen waiters,
     for example, or to austere British bootmakers.
   Brown turkey in lard. Remove. Pour off fat, leaving 2 T in the pan. Fry
   chiles, almonds, and sesame seeds together until fragrant. Blend to a puree
   in a blender. Fry chorizo meat in the fat that remains in the pan. Remove.
   In the same fat, cook onions until soft. Add blended mixture, tomatoes, and
   cinnamon. Cook a few minutes and then turn out the whole mess into a large
   casserole. Mix in the stock, sugar, vinegar, and salt. Taste for seasoning.
   Add browned turkey pieces, chorizo meat, and fruit. Cover and simmer 45 min
   to 1 hr. After Richard Condon’s recipe and description.