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       Title: Pasta with Chile Ancho Sauce
  Categories: Mexican, Pastas, Chiles
       Yield: 4 servings
     250 g  cooked pasta
       4    Ancho chiles (roasted)
       1 ts finely chopped garlic
     150 g  green Lima beans
       1 ts wild majoram
       1 ts cumin seed
       6 tb oil
            Salt and pepper
             to taste
 Put the chiles directly over the stove’s grill and let them roast
   until they blacken on both sides. Let them cool down, peel them, take
   the seeds out and let soak in water for 20 min. Blend with a bit of
   water and put aside. 2. Fry the garlic in two tablespoons of oil and
   add the chile mixture. Add cuminseed, majorma and some salt. When the
   oil comes to the top, remove from the heat. 3. Heat the rest of the
   oil and lightly fry the nopal and Lima beans. Add the pasta and stir.
   4. Place the pasta on a large platter, bathe with the chile sauce and
   crown it with the chicken. 5. Fry the onions in butter and put aside.
   Cut small balls of avocado and put aside. 6. Serve promptly. Walt