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      Title: Mexican Omelet
 Categories: Eggs Main dish Mexican Sauces
   Servings:  1
       1 x  Casera Sauce; *
       2 ea Eggs; Large
       2 tb Half & Half
     1/2 ts Oregano Leaves; Dried
     1/4 ts Salt
       1 ds Pepper
       1 tb Butter Or Margarine
       2 tb Green Chiles; Chopped
       1 x  Dairy Sour Cream
   *    See Sowest 2 For the Recipe.
   Prepare the Casera Sauce; set aside.  Mix the eggs, half-and-half,
   oregano, salt and pepper with a fork just until the whites and yolks are
   blended.  Heat the margarine in an 8-inch skillet or omelet pan over
   medium-high heat.  As the margarine melts, tilt the skillet to coat the
   bottom completely.  When the margarine just begins to brown, the skillet
   is hot enough to use.  Quickly pour the egg mixture into the skillet.
   Slide the skillet back and forth rapidly over the heat, and at the same
   time, stir quickly with a fork to spread the eggs continuously over the
   bottom of the skillet as they thicken.  Let stand over the heat a few
   seconds to lightly brown the bottom of the omelet.  (DO NOT overcook; the
   omelet will continue to cook after it is folded.  Tilt the skillet; fun
   the fork under the edge of the omelet to loosen from the bottom of the
   skillet.  Sprinkle with the cheese and chiles.  Fold the portion of the
   omelet nearest you to the center. (allow for a portion of the omelet to
   slid up the side of the skillet.)  Turn omelet out on a warm plate,
   flipping the fold portion of the omelet over so the far side is on the
   bottom.  Tuck the sides of the omelet under if necessary.  Top with the
   Casera Sauce and sour cream; sprinkle with fresh, chopped cilantro, if