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                  Chile Con Queso (Chiles With Cheese)
 Recipe By     : chili-heads
 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Mexican
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
   20                    fresh green chiles -- roasted and peeled
    5      Tablespoons   peanut oil
    1      Medium        onion -- thinly sliced
    1      Medium        tomato -- skinned
      3/4  Cup           milk
    3      Tablespoons   water
      1/2  Pound         muenster or mild cheddar cheese
    1 1/2  Teaspoons     salt
 I had always thought of chile con queso as a Texas dish until I went to
 Chihuahua. It is eaten thereas a vegetable with broiled meats, and it is
 also sered as an appetizer with hot tortillas. The light green Anaheim chile
 with which it is made is grown extensively in the north of Mexico and
 southwestern United States. It is used a great deal in the cooking of
 Chihuahau and Sonora.
 Two of the best Mexican cheeses come from Chihuahua--the queso Chihuahua
 made by the Mennonites, living there in settlements, and the queso asadero,
 a very creamy, slightly acidy cheese that is layered like the mozzarella. It
 is always used cooked, and gives the lovely creamy stringiness that the
 mexicans hold in high esteem. It is curious that in some parts of the State
 they use a wild plant to coagulate the milk instead of the more usual
 rennet. I have not yet been able to find out what this is--possibly a type
 of thistle that I have seen mentioned in the same connection in an old
 Spanish cookbook.
 Roast and peel the chiles and cut them into rajas (strips) without removing
 the seeds.
 Heat the oil and cook the onion, without browning, until it is soft.
 Slice the tomato thinly and add it with the rajas to the onions in the pan.
 Cover and cook over a medium flame for about 8 minutes.
 Add the milk and water and let the mixture cook for a few minutes more.
 Just before serving, cut the cheese into thin slices and add, with the salt,
 to the chile mixture. Serve as soon as the cheese melts.
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