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       Title: Taco Salad                                          
  Categories: Mexican
       Yield: 4 servings     
 --------------------------------JOYCE BURTON--------------------------------
       1 lb ground beef
     1/2    head lettuce; torn into bite
            - sized piec
       2 md tomatoes; cut in pieces
      15 oz kidney beans; drained
       1 pk taco seasoning mix
     1/2 c  grated non-fat cheddar 
            -cheese or 4
       1    hot sauce to taste
     1/2    bag guilt free tostado chips
            - baked
       1    bottle kraft fat-free 
            -catalina sala
   Cook ground beef. Drain fat. Prepare taco mix as directed. Place           
   lettuce, tomatoes, and chips in a large bowl.  Add drained beans,          
   grated cheese, and salad dressing.  Mix well.  Serve immediately.          
   Add hot sauce to suit your taste.