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             Tamales (Chile, Meat, Cornmeal-Filled Corn Husks)
 Recipe By     : Sandy-Fabfood
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
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                         Corn Husks
                         Masa -- see recipe
                         Chile Con Carme para Tamales*
 Rinse corn husks and soak in warm water until pliable.  Spread the center
 portion of each husk with 2 tablespoons of masa mixture.  Top with 1
 tablespoon of chile-meat milling.  Fold the sides of the husk toward the
 center, the bottom of the husk up, and the top down.  Tie each tamale with a
 corn husk strip.  Pour 2 inches of water into a large steamer.  Arrange
 tamales on a rack in steamer above the water level.  Steam tamales for 45
 minutes (Longer at high altitudes.  May also be steamed in a pressure cooker
 for 20 minutes at 15 pounds pressure.) Masa (Cornmeal Mixture) 6 c masa
 harina* 3 c warm water, approximately 2 c lard 2 t salt Combine the Masa
 Harina and water in a large mixing bowl to make masa.  Set aside.  Cream the
 lard and salt in a medium-sized mixing bowl using a mixer at medium speed.
 Add the creamed lard to the masa and mix well.  NOTES : *Six cups commercially
 prepared masa may be substituted and the water omitted.
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