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                Agua Fresca de Fruta - Mexican Fruit Cooler
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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    2      cups          cold water
    1      cup           ice
    2      cups          fruit (cut into 1-inch pieces unless
                          otherwise specified)
      1/4  cup           sugar --  or to taste
    1      tablespoon    fresh lime juice --  or to taste
 This basic recipe is delicious with any of the fruits/herbs listed below
 In a blender combine all ingredients and blend on high speed until
 completely smooth.  Pour cooler through a fine sieve into a glass pitcher.
  Chill cooler and stir before serving.  Makes about 5 cups.
 Suggested fruits: honeydew or cantaloupe mango (use only 1 cup fruit;
 about 1 small mango) pineapple with a few fresh basil leaves watermelon
 strawberries (halved) with a few fresh mint leaves papaya seedless red
 grapes (whole) red or green cactus pears (also known as prickly pears;
 available   at specialty produce markets and some supermarkets), halved,
 pulp   and seeds scooped out (wear rubber gloves)
 If you want, you can always add a shot of Tequila to above drink to make
 it alcoholic.
 Recipe is from June 1997 Gourmet Magazine.
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