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       Title: Sam’s Carne Adovada
  Categories: barbecue, hot, meats, mexican
       Yield: 4 servings
       2 lb boneless lean pork; cut into
            - 3/8 inch slices
       2 c  chile caribe; coarse ground
       1 c  ground red chiles
       1 tb oregano; ground
       2 tb granulated garlic
       1 tb salt
       1    warm water
   Cut the boneless pork into thin slices and set aside.                      
   Mix the seasonings together and slowly add warm water. Don't make it too   
   Add the boneless pork and marinate for two days, stirring twice daily.     
   Put it in the oven in a covered pan for 3 hours at 350 degrees.            
   Contributor:  Chile Pepper Magazine, MM format by Roy Olsen