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                           NEW MEXICO ENCHILADAS
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 Serving Size  : 2    Preparation Time :0:00
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    1       lb           Beef, ground
    2                    Garlic cloves, minced
                         -(or less)
    1       t            Salt (more or less
                         -to taste)
    3       t            Chili powder (or less,
                         -to taste)
    1       T            Flour
    4       oz           Tomato sauce
    8       oz           Water
    2                    Corn tortillas
    2                    Eggs
                         Vegetable oil
    1       c            Lettuce, shredded
    1       lg           Tomato, chopped
    1       md           Onion, chopped
    5       oz           Cheddar cheese, grated
   Saute the beef over medium heat until it has lost its raw red color,
   chopping it with the edge of a spoon into small pieces as it cooks. Add the
   garlic and spices and cook another 3-4 minutes. Add salt, pepper and chili
   powder to taste. Remember that the flavor of chili mellows as it cooks,
   although it won't get less hot. Add the flour to the meat mixture and stir
   well.  Add the tomato sauce and water. Simmer gently (uncovered) for about
   45 minutes, until it has thickened and the flavors are blended.
   Heat about 1/4 inch of oil in a small skillet over medium-high heat, until
   it sizzles when a bit of tortilla is dropped in. Soften the tortillas
   briefly in the oil, one at a time, about 5 seconds on a side. (Turn with
   tongs, being careful not to tear them.) Drain on paper towels. Prepare
   another small skillet with a small amount of oil in the bottom, enough for
   frying an egg.
   Assembling the enchiladas requires you to keep track of several things at
   once.  Start an egg frying for each enchilada.  Make sure that the yolk is
   cooked soft, not hard! Put one tortilla on a dinner plate.  Cover it with a
   medium-thick layer of meat sauce.  Sprinkle chopped onion and grated cheese
   on top. Sprinkle lettuce and chopped tomato around the edge. Top with
   another tortilla. Cover with more meat sauce, sprinkle more onion and
   cheese.  Now top with the fried egg and serve immediately.
   *  New-Mexico-style enchiladas with eggs -- This is the way my grandmother
   and aunt made enchiladas; I haven't lived in New Mexico myself, but that’s
   where this recipe came from. Yield: Serves 2.
   *  You can also make single-decker enchiladas, for people with small
   appetites.  Omit the second layer of tortilla, meat, onion and cheese, but
   don't forget the egg.  If you make single-deckers, you will need twice as
   many tortillas and twice as many eggs, but the same amount of the other
   : Difficulty:  easy to moderate.
   : Time:  10 minutes preparation, 45 minutes simmering, 5 minutes assembly.
   : Precision:  approximate measurement OK.
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