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       Title: CAJUN SPICE - ORNISH
  Categories: Ornish, Spices, Basics
       Yield: 1 servings
       4 tb Paprika
       2 tb Onion powder or flakes
       2 tb Garlic powder or flakes
       1 tb Gumbo file
       1 tb Ground cumin (or whole seeds
            -toasted and ground)
       1 tb Ground coriander ( or whole
            -seeds toasted and ground)
     1/2 tb Dried thyme
     1/2 tb Ground fenugreek (or whole
            -seeds toasted and ground)
     1/2 tb Ground fennel (or whole
            -seeds toasted and ground)
     1/2 tb Salt
     3/4 ts Cayenne
     3/4 ts Black pepper
   In the large bowl of a food processor, combine all the ingredients and
   pulse for 30 seconds or until finely ground.  Store in an airtight
   container in a cool place.  Use within 3 months.
   *Note*  This has a much more exuberant flavor than the premixed spices from
   the grocery.  It is best when the ingredients are fresh.
   Serving size:  1 tablespoon 21 calories 0.6 gram fat 0 mg. cholesterol 296
   mg. sodium
   From “Eat More, Weigh Less,” by Dean Ornish, MD Typed for you by Hilde Mott
   Via: RFIX_S 09-28-1994