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       Title: Red Beans and Rice
  Categories: Cajun, Vegetables, Ceideburg 2
       Yield: 8 servings
       2 lb Dried red kidney beans
       2 c  Chopped yellow onions
       1 bn Of scallions, chopped
       3    Or 4 finely sliced cloves
            -of garlic
       1 bn Parsley (chopped)
       3 lb Smoked sausage *
            Salt and pepper to taste
       3 qt Of cold water
   * cut into 2 inch lengths (smoked ham or ham bone works fine)
   I just made no-fat refried beans last night completely by accident.
   I was making this recipe and discovered it in the process.
   Soak beans overnight if possible.  Drain water and add beans to a
   large 8- or 10-quart pot.  Then add enough of the cold water to cover
   the beans. Add chopped yellow onions and garlic and bring to a boil.
   Cook for one hour and add all the other things and more water if
   Simmer (slight bubbling action) for 2 more hours or until the beans
   are soft.  Then remove 2 cups of cooked beans without juice and mash
   very good. Then return the mashed up beans to the pot and stir into
   the mixture. This makes a creamy, thicker gravy.  If the beans are
   too dry, add enough water to make them like you like them.  Good over
   boiled rice.
   Serves 8.
   If you're in New Orleans on a Monday, this is the only thing you can
   From “White Trash Cooking”, Ernest Matthew Mickler.  Ten Speed Press,
   1986. ISBN 0-89815-189-9.
   When I got to the point where you take the two cups beans out and
   mash 'em, I put them in the food processor to puree.  They came out
   smelling and tasting just like refried beans.  The texture was a tad
   thin, but that could be remedied easily.  You could probably even
   “re- fry” them in a non-stick skillet to reduce the water content.  I
   used skin-on ham hocks to make this batch of beans, but you could
   easily leave that out and still come up with something close to what
   you want, I think.
   Posted by Stephen Ceideberg; August 27 1992.