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                    Moqueca De Peixe  e Camarao (Bahian Fish Stew)
 Recipe By     : Miriam P. Posvolsky
 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Fish And Seafood                 Main Courses
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    6      thick         fish steaks; seabass -- pompano or grouper
    1       lb           small shrimp, cleaned and deveined
    2      large         onions
    1                    green bell pepper
    5                    whole         tomatoes
    3      tablespoons   olive oil
    1      cup           coconut milk
    4      tablespoons   Dende oil*
    3      tablespoons   chopped parsley
    3      tablespoons   chopped fresh cilantro
                         hot red pepper to taste
                         salt to taste
    2      tablespoons   lime or lemon juice
 Season fish with lemon and salt. Set aside Thinly slice onions and seeded
 bell pepper. Peel,seed and slice tomatoes. Cook onions in olive oil until
 translucent.Add green pepper and cook 3 minutes.Add tomatoes to pan and
 cook a few more minutes. Place fish in pan, top with the Dende oil, cover
 the pan and cook until fish is almost cooked through. Add chopped herbs and
 red pepper and cook uncovered over high heat to evaporate some of the
 liquid. Just before serving add the coconut milk and bring almost to a boil.
 Even if you don't use the Dende oil, it is still delicious.
 This is a dish from northeast Brazil *Dende, a thick dark orange oil, is an
 essential ingredient in Bahian cooking.It can be found in ethnic South
 American stores.
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