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       Title: Beet Salad I and II
  Categories: Harned 1994, Moroccan, Side dish, Vegetables
       Yield: 1 batch
       1 lb Beets
       1 tb Sugar
       1    Lemon; juice of
       1 tb Olive oil
       1 lg Pinch of cinnamon
       1 tb Chopped parsley
            Salt; to taste
   Wash beets well, being careful not to break their skins.  Cut off the
   tops, leaving a stalk of about 1 1/2".  Boil in a 3 quart saucepan
   until tender, covered.  Allow the water to cool, then slip off the
   skins, trim off the tops, and cut into bite-sized pieces.
   Mix the remaining ingredients and pour over the beets.  Let marinate
   for 1 hour before serving.
   Beet Salad II:  Prepare as described above, but add 1 tsp. orange
   flower water, 1/8 tsp. cumin, a pinch of paprika, and a little water
   to the sauce.
   Yield: Approx. 2 cups.
   From _Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco_ by Paula Wolfert.
   New York: Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc., 1987.  Pp. 76-77.  ISBN
   0-06-091396-7.  Posted by Cathy Harned.