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       Title: TURKISH SALAD
  Categories: Salads
       Yield: 4 servings
       6 oz Couscous
       1 bn Spring onions
     1/4    Cucumber
       3    Ripe tomatoes
       2 oz Raisins
       2 tb Frsshly chopped parsley
       2 tb Freshly chopped mint
            Salt and freshly ground
            -black pepper
            Juice of 1 lemon
       1 tb Oil
   Cover the couscous with cold water and leave to soak
   for 30 minutes. Drain through a sieve, pressing out
   the excess water. Place in a bowl.
   Trim the spring onions and chop finely. Peel the
   cucumber if preferred, and cut into small cubes.
   Finely chop the tomatoes (peel and discard the seeds
   first, if preferred).
   Add the spring onions, cucumber, tomatoes and raisins
   to the couscous with the chopped herbs and seasoning
   to taste. Pour over the lemon juice and oil. Mix
   lightly together, if not eating immeadiately, cover
   and chill until required.
   Source: Take a Break