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       Yield: 6 servings
       2 tb Olive oil
   1 1/2 c  Olive oil
       4 md Tomato; peeled, seeded and
            ;coarsely chopped
       2 lg Garlic cloves; peeled and
            ;thinly sliced
       1 ts Salt
     1/4 c  Salt
       1    Eggplant; (about 1 lb.)
       2 md Green peppers; seeded,
            ;deribbed and cut lengthwise
            ;into quarters
   Name; Fried Eggplant with Green Peppers and Tomato
     In a heavy 8 to 10 inch skillet, heat 2 tablespoons
   of the olive oil over moderate heat until a light haze
   forms above it.  Add the tomatoes, garlic and 1
   teaspoon of the salt.  Mashing and stirring
   frequently, cook the tomatoes briskly until almost all
   their liquid evaporates and they become a thick,
   somewhat smooth puree.  Set aside off the heat.
     With a large, sharp knife, peel the eggplant and cut
   off the stem end. Cut the eggplant lengthwise into
   inch thick slices.  Then one at a time lay each slice
   flat and cut lengthwise strips at  inch intervals
   starting at the wide end and cutting to within about 2
   inches of the narrow end. the slices should now look
   like fans. Combine 1 quart of water and the remaining
   1/4 cup of salt in a shallow bowl or baking dish, and
   add the eggplant sections.  Turn them about to coat
   them evenly with the brine, and let them soak at room
   temperature for about 10 minutes to rid them of any
     In a heavy 12 inch skillet, heat the remaining 1
   cups of oil over high heat until a light haze forms
   above it.  Pat the eggplant completely dry with paper
   towels.  Regulating the heat so the eggplant colors
   evenly without burning, fry it 3 or 4 slices at a time
   for about 5 minutes on each side, or until it is
   lightly browned and shows no resistance when pierced
   with the tines of a fork. Transfer the eggplant to
   paper towels and fry the remaining slices.
     Add the green peppers, skin side up, to the oil
   remaining in the skillet, adding more oil if
   necessary.  Cook the peppers over moderate heat for
   about 10 minutes, turning them over with tongs. When
   they are soft but still somewhat firm to the touch,
   drain them on paper towels. Peel off the skins with a
   small, sharp knife.
     Mound the eggplant slices in the center of a serving
   platter and pour the tomato sauce over them.  Fold the
   peppers in half lengthwise and arrange them
   attractively around the eggplant.  Serve at room
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   Time Life Series: Middle Eastern Cooking,  "circa  69
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