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       Title: Kibbee
  Categories: Lamb/mutton, Lebanese
       Yield: 6 servings
       1    Leg of lamb (have fat &
            -bone removed; ground fine
            -twice) Approx. 4-5 pounds
       1 c  Bulgur wheat; soaked for
            -1/2 hour in warm water
       1 lg Onion; grated
            Salt; to taste
            Pepper; to taste
       1 ds Cinnamon
       1 ds Allspice
     1/3 c  Pine nuts
   Squish wheat in hands to remove water.  Then mix all
   ingredients well. Taste to see if you need more
   spices.   (It’s ok to eat this raw; indeed, it is
   considered a delicacy, although personally I prefer it
   Grease a large baking pan, at least 13x9 or larger.
   Divide meat in half.  Make bottom layer.  Flatten with
   hands until even. Add pine nuts.
   Add top layer of meat and flatten until even.  Cut
   diagonal lines in both directions, not all the way
   through, so have diamond pattern. Dot well with butter
   and Crisco, more butter (or margarine) than Crisco.
   Use half teaspoonfuls at a time.  Should be a pat
   every couple inches or so...
   Bake for 1 1/2 hours at 350 degrees, or until brown.
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