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  Categories: Lebanese, Bean/legume
       Yield: 1 servings
     1/2 c  To 2-1/2 cups dry chick peas
            -selecting from large or
            -small varieties as desired
            Water to cover
   As well as making great snacks, Kadami can be added to salads, steamed
   grains and stir fries for a welcome crunchy texture, on top of the
   added virtue of bean protein.
   When thoroughly roasted the peas should taste cooked, nutty and
   potato-like, not raw. Overcooked they become hard and burned. Taste
   as you go to get the hang of it. Because the peas are slightly moist
   inside, any not eaten the same day should be stored refrigerated.
   Remember, these are a snack, but remember, they're digested - or not
   ~ like beans. So start with small amounts if you have trouble
   digesting beans.
   DIRECTIONS: Rinse dry chick peas and cover with water. Allow to soak
   overnight or at least 8 hours (see note). Drain peas.
   STOVETOP: Roast at medium low heat in a large skillet or home style
   coffee bean roaster, stirring constantly about 25 minutes for regular
   size chick peas, 15 to 20 minutes for the small ones.
   OVEN: Spread in a single layer on a cookie sheet and roast about 30
   minutes at 350 degrees F for regular size chick peas, 20 minutes for
   the small ones. (I usually cover the pan with aluminum foil for the
   first 3/4 of the cooking time for either size of chick peas).
   MICROWAVE: Put on microwave safe dish in a single layer. Microwave on
   high (100 percent power). Depending on size of chick peas and your
   oven, microwaving takes 2 to 6 minutes. Taste to check for doneness.
   VARIATION: For flavored roasted chick pea snacks add salt or a small
   amount of any of the following mixtures to the hot roasted peas
   immediately upon removing them from heat. The flavoring liquid needs
   to absorb into, or dry onto the peas -- you don't want the peas
   sitting in pools of liquid. Toss frequently as they cool and serve
   immediately, or refrigerate for later use.
   1. Olive oil, garlic salt, black pepper and clipped rosemary leaves.
   2. Soy sauce alone or mixed with Oriental (dark) sesame oil and hot
   chili powder.
   3. Tomato juice and curry powder.
   NOTE: When I prepare chick peas as though for sprouts (soak overnight,
   drain and let stand another 12 to 16 hours at room temperature) they
   are easier to digest than when they are only soaked.
   Source: Maryanne Caruthers; a Portland urban gardner and illustrator
     Typos by Dorothy Flatman 1995