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       Title: String Cheese
  Categories: Armenian
       Yield: 1 servings
       1 lb Mozzarella curd
            Mahleb (Middle Eastern
            Black caraway seeds
   Place cheese in a Teflon saucepan and add a dash of mahleb and salt
   and a sprinkling of black seeds. Heat on low until cheese is melted
   thoroughly. Remove from heat and drain excess water.
   Pick up hot cheese in a lump, and make a hole in the center to
   resemble a doughnut.
   With both hands, stretch and turn the cheese to form a large loop.
   Double the strand of cheese, making two strands of cheese of even
   length. Repeat, stretching and looping; the more you stretch the
   stringier the cheese becomes. Repeat stretching several times. Twist
   ends in opposite directions and intertwine rope into a braid. Place
   one end through the loop of the other to lock it.
   Set cheese aside to dry thoroughly. Wrap in plastic wrap and
   refrigerate or freeze.
   To serve, open braid, cut one loop and pull cheese apart into thin
   strands. Serve with pocket bread.
   NOTE: Mahleb can be found at specialty food shops that sell Middle
   Eastern ingredients.