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  Categories: Miamiherald, Desserts, Fruits
       Yield: 8 Servings
 ----------------------FOR THE MOUSSE----------------------
       1 c  Pasion fruit juice (if using
            -frozen product, do not
       1    Envelope unflavored gelatin
            -stirred into 3 tbs warm
       1 cn Condensed milk (14oz)
       3    Egg whites
 -----------------------FOR THE SAUCE-----------------------
       1 tb Dark brown sugar
     1/4 c  Dark aromatic rum (Myers)
       4    Passion fruits; pulp scooped
     1/3 c  Passion fruit juice
   Make the mousse:  Place the juice in a sauce pan, add
   gelatin mixture and heat, stirring until dissolved.
   Set pan in ice water and stir mixture until it cools
   and begins to thicken. Stir in condensed milk and set
   aside. Beat the egg whites to soft peaks and gently
   fold into the gelatin mixture. Transfer to a serving
   bowl and refrigerate for several hours. Make the rum
   sauce: Stir the sugar into the rum until dissolved.
   Stir in the fruit pulp and juice.  Spoon over cold
   Nutritional info per serving: 218 cal; 6g pro, 35g
   carb, 4g fat (18%)
   Source: Kitchen Tropicale, Miami Herald, 8/17/95
   format by Lisa Crawford, 7/27/96