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       Title: Miracle Rise Chocolate Cake
  Categories: Diabetic, Desserts, Cakes
       Yield: 12 servings
    1.00 pk Active dry yeast;
    0.50 c  Warm water;
    2.00    Eggs; OR EGG SUBSTITUTE;
    0.50 c  Skim milk'
    0.33 c  Vegetable Oil;
    3.00 tb Sweet*10 Liquid;
    0.50 c  Cocoa;
    2.00 c  Flour; Pillsbury’s All Purp.
    1.00 tb Baking Powder;
    1.00 ts Soda;
    0.50 ts Salt;
    1.00 ts Vanilla;
    1.00 ts Red food coloring;
   Directions: Spray a 9-in tube or Bundt pan. In a large
   mixer bowl, soften yeast in warm water.  Add egg
   substitute, milk, oil and Sweet*10. Beat 2 minutes at
   high speed. Add cocoa, dry ingredients, vanilla and
   food coloring. Blend at low speed; beat 3 minutes at
   medium speed. Pour batter into greased 9-inch Bundt
   pan or tube pan. Cover with foil; let rise in warm
   place for 45 minutes. Bake at 350 degreds for 30 to 35
   minutes until a wooden pick inserted in center of cake
   comes out clean. Invert immediately onto wire rack.
   Cool. 1/12th of cake has 145 calories. Exchange values
   ~ 1/2 skim milk; 1 Fruit, 1 Fat Created by Pillsbury
   Exchange From files of A.Broaddus 6-29-93