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                         Chocolate Covered Bon-Bons
 Recipe By     : Fern <fern@foothill.net>
 Serving Size  : 72   Preparation Time :0:03
 Categories    : 
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
      1/2  cup           real Butter -- softened
      1/3  cup           light corn syrup
      1/2  teaspoon      salt
    4 1/2  cups          powdered sugar -- sifted
    1      teaspoon      vanilla
                         Chocolate coating
    1      pound         chocolate -- good quality
      1/2  stick         paraffin
 This is a very versatile candy recipe your imagination is the key.
 Sift powered sugar, make sure there are no lumps add powered sugar to
 butter, (I use real butter)
 corn syrup and salt (I hold off on the vanilla) a little at a time to
 insure a smooth consistency. I use my Mixer with bread dough hooks as the
 mixture becomes very stiff. Mix tell you can handle with out it sticking to
 your fingers. You may need more or less powered sugar depending on you
         Now comes the Imagination part, I split candy dough in parts, in bowls:
  1.     To one I add peanut-butter (2 heaping tablespoons about) * I  add a
 little more powered sugar so I can work with it again. Roll in a long
 snake wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate. * For Reeces like peanut-butter
 2.      Add coconut (about ‡ to æ cup) and coconut flavoring (about ‡
 teaspoon) mix repeat from * only this time after you wrap press on top to
 make oval. for almond joy like or mounds like.
 3.      Add mint flavoring, (about ‡ teaspoon) repeat from * leave round,
 like the old camp fire mints.
 4.      Add chopped walnuts, (about ‡ to æ cup) and maple flavoring (about
 ‡ teaspoon) repeat from * I make these oval.
 5.      Add  cacao, (about 1 tablespoon) mix repeat * shape in square
 6.      Add vanilla, mix, take maraschino cherries well drained, wrap a
 little mixture  around each cherry roll in to ball place on cookie sheet
 and freeze.
 Now take others out of refrigerator and cut with knife (about ‡ inch
 pieces) on coconut add an almond on top on peanut add a peanut on top. put
 on cookie sheets and freeze.
 Melt chocolate in top of double (I use a good quality milk chocolate but
 dark or white can be used, about a pound) Donít worry if that seams to be
 allot. add ‡ stick paraffin melt and stir tell smooth add more paraffin if
 to thick you want it to pour from a spoon easily (the paraffin gives shine
 and thins the chocolate adds no taste) take frozen candies dip in chocolate
 using a tooth pick (I use long bamboo skewer) after chocolate has set fill
 hole with knife or skewer dipped in chocolate.
 How I use left over chocolate you can add peanuts for peanut clusters or if
 you want to be fancy take caramels soften in microwave roll in peanuts or
 other nuts, dip in chocolate.
 Another way to use chocolate is to take a heart shaped cookie cutter or I
 use a 4 inch heart shaped cake pan line with tin foil (Making sure foil is
 smooth) pour chocolate in mold, coat sides and bottom pour out excess
 chocolate let set till chocolate is hard remove from form. Do foil again
 only this time pour just enough chocolate to cover bottom let set now you
 have a hart shaped box you can decorate with icing, put the candies in or
 what ever, also can use eggs (you know the ones you get your nylons in) for
 Easter. All my friends love my candies. Enjoy Fern
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