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  Categories: Candies, Mw
       Yield: 8 Servings
            DENISE BRADSHAW   (BDGM08B)
       1 c  Sugar
     1/2 c  White corn syrup
       1 c  Peanuts; roasted, salted
       1 ts Butter
       1 ts Vanilla extract
       1 ts Baking soda
     In 1 1/2-qt. casserole stir together sugar and syrup. Micrwave at HIGH 4
   minutes.  Stir in peanuts.
    Microwave at HIGH 3-5 minutes, until light brown.
    Add butter andvanilla to syrup, blending well.
    Microwave at HIGH 1-2 minutes more.  Peanuts will be lightly browned and
   syrup, very hot.   Add baking soda and gently stir until light and foamy.
   Quickly pour mixture onto lightly greased cookie sheet, or unbuttered
   non-stick coated cookie sheet.
    Let cook 1/2-1 hour.  When cool, break into small pieces and store in
   airtight container.  Makes about 1 pound.