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       Title: Mrs. Fields Chocolate Candy
  Categories: Candies
       Yield: 1 servings
       6 oz Semisweet chocolate pieces
       6 oz Milk chocolate pieces
       1 tb Vegetable oil
       1 c  Pecan chopped
       6 oz White choc pieces
            =i added:
            A couple of crushed heath
            Some mini m&m pieces
   1.  Line a cookie sheet with aluminium foil.
   2.  In a double boiler, melt the semisweet choc and milk
   choc with the oil over hot, not simmering, water, stirring
   constantly until the choc is melted.
   3.  Remove the top part of the double boiler and le the
   choc cool to tepid, (The choc may thicken slightly as it
   cools.) 4.  Stir in the nuts, white choc, heath, and M&M
   pieces into the cooled, melted choc and pout the mixture
   out onto the prepared cookies sheet.  Spread to the desired
   thickness.  Refrigerate for 20 - 30 minutes, or until set.
   5.  Slide a metal spatula under the choc to loosen from the
   foil. Break into pieces.
   From “I Love Chocolate” cookbook.JM. Message From