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  Categories: Poultry, Microwave
       Yield: 4 servings
      12    Fresh Asparagus Spears
       4    (4 0Z.) Boned, Skinned
            Chicken Breast Halves
     1/4 c  (1 Oz.) Shredded Swiss
       2 c  Sliced Mushrooms
       3 tb Chablis OR White Dry Wine
       1 ts Lime Juice
     1/2 tb Dried Whole Tarragon
       1 ts Minced Fresh Parsley
   Snap Off Tough Ends Of Asparagus, Remove Scales With Vegetable Peeler. Set
     Aside. Trim Fat From Chicken. Place Each Breast Between Wax Paper &
   To 1/4 in. Thickness. Place 3 Asparagus Spears On Each Chicken Breast; Top
   With 1 T. Cheese. Roll Up Lengthwise; Secure With Wooden Picks. Place Seam
   Side Down in A 10 Inch Glass Pie Plate Coatedwith Cooking Spray. Cover With
   Plastic Wrap, Venting One Corner. Microwave At High 5 To 6 Min. OR Until
   Done.  Let Chicken Rolls Stand Covered 5 Min. Combine Mushrooms & Wine,
     Lime Juice & Tarragon in A 1 Qt. Glass Measure. Microwave At High 2-3
   Stirring Once. Stir in Parsley. To Serve, Remove Chicken Rolls From Cooking
   Liquid, Spoon Mushroom Sauce Over Rolls.
    About 194 Calories Per Roll And 1/4 C. Sauce.
    (Fat 6.1. Chol. 79.)