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       Title: Raspberry-Filled Jelly Doughnuts
  Categories: Brunch, Nuts, Breads
       Yield: 10 Servings
       6 tb Butter or margarine; melt
     3/4 c  Sugar
     3/4 ts Cinnamon
     1/3 c  Raspberry jelly
      10 oz Hungry jack fluffy biscuits
   Heat oven to 375~. Place melted margarine in small bowl. In another
   bowl, combine sugar and cinnamon; set aside. Stir jelly until smooth.
   tip of large baster with foil. Remove rubber bulb. Spoon jelly into
   replace bulb. Bake biscuits as directed on can. Immediately dip each
   biscuit in melted margarine, coating all sides. Roll in sugar mixture,
   heavily coating all sides of each biscuit. Insert baster in side of
   biscuit; squeeze small amount of jelly into center. (Refill baster as
   needed.) Serve warm or cold. Source: Fresh-Baked Biscuits