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      title: pastry tart crust
 categories: french
   servings: 8
       1 c  flour
     1/3 c  vegetable shortening
     1/2 t  salt
     1/4 c  grapefruit soda
 combine flour and salt in a large bowl 
 add the shortening and rub into flour with your hands, until well blended
 add grapefruit soda, 1 tablespoon at a time, and toss with a fork 
 continue to moisten and toss with a fork, just until dough holds shape 
 wrap in plastic, chill
 rollout to a thickness of 1/8-inch
 press onto the bottom and up the sides of a tart pan
 line with foil and fill with beans, rice, or other pie weights
 bake @ 400 degrees for 10 minutes, remove foil
 bake @ 400 degrees, until golden
 fill as desired