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                         Triple Chocolate Chunk Pecan Pie
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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 	      1 	       9-inch baked pie shell -- (recipe follows)	  
 	      3  tablespoons   unsalted butter -- cut into 1-inch pieces	  
 	  3/4  cup	     packed dark brown sugar				  
 	  1/2  teaspoon      salt						  
 	      2  large	       eggs						  
 	  1/2  cup	     light corn syrup					  
 	      1  teaspoon      vanilla extract					  
        1  cup           pecans (4 ounces) -- toasted and chopped into small 
 	      2  ounces        semisweet chocolate -- cut into 1/4-inch pieces	  
 	      2  ounces        milk chocolate -- cut into 1/4-inch pieces	  
 	      2  ounces        white chocolate -- cut into 1/4-inch pieces	  
 1. Adjust oven rack to center position, and
 heat oven to 275 degrees. Place pie shell in
 oven if not already warm.
 2. Melt butter in medium heatproof bowl set in
 skillet of water maintained at just below
 simmer. Remove bowl from skillet, mix in sugar
 and salt with wooden spoon until butter is
 absorbed. Beat in eggs, then corn syrup and
 vanilla. Return bowl to hot water; stir until
 mixture is shiny and warm to the touch, about
 130 degrees. Remove from heat, stir in pecans.
 3. Pour mixture into warm shell. Scatter
 chocolate pieces over pecan mixture. Gently
 press them into the filling with the back of
 a wooden spoon.
 4. Bake until center feels set yet soft, like
 gelatin, when gently pressed, 55 to 65 minutes.
 Transfer pie to rack; let cool completely, at
 least 4 hours. Serve pie at room temperature
 or warm, with lightly sweetened whipped cream
 or vanilla ice cream
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 NOTES : If you want warm pie, cool the pie thoroughly,
        then cut and warm it in a 250-degree oven for
        about twenty minutes.