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       Title: Rhubarb Lemon Tofu “Pie” (Vlf Vegan)
  Categories: Veg-cook, Sept., Dessert
       Yield: 1 servings
       5    Stalks rhubarb, washed,
            Leaves discarded
       1    Granny smith apple, peeled,
            Cored and cubed
            Dozen large strawberries
       6 oz Firm (reduced fat) tofu
            Juice of 1/2 lemon
     1/4 c  + 2 T sugar
       2 T  Whole wheat flour
       2 t  Sugar + 2 t whole wheat
            Flour (or optional pie crust
            And crust crumble)
   In a rice cooker, (or pot) add a little water and the rhubarb stalks,
   chopped.  Cook covered for several minutes (be more observant if doing
   rangetop cooking, as heat source may be hotter, and add water as needed).
   When rhubarb is pretty well done, carefully remove the cover (have an oven
   mitt on) and add the cubed apple, strawberries, and 1/4 c sugar. Cover and
   continue cooking a few more minutes.
   Meanwhile, puree the tofu in a food processor or chopper, until very
   smooth.  Add lemon juice, 2 T sugar, 2 T whole wheat flour, and process
   until well blended.  Line an 8 pie tin with oil, (here you can add a pie
   shell if you prefer, instead of...) and sprinkle to coat with a sugar and
   whole wheat flour mixture, about 2 t each.  Spread the tofu mixture into
   the pie tin (or onto the crust).  Bake at 400 F for a few minutes, (until
   crust is done, if using a crust).  Remove and cool.
   Check rhubarb mixture for sweetness (I use a minimum of sugar), and adjust
   to your preference.  Pour into a fine (or cheesecloth lined) seive, and
   drain off juices, do not squeese dry.  Save juices for some other use
   (perhaps for a jelly).  Pour remaining rhubarb mixture over the baked lemon
   tofu.  Refrigerate (or top with crust crumble and bake again until done).
   The texture of the fruit mixture does not jell, or thicken, when the
   smaller amount of sugar is used, but I like it the way it is. The lemon
   tofu is in sweet contrast to the more tart but still sweet rhubarb and
   fruit filling.
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