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  Categories: Desserts, Fruits
       Yield: 6 servings
       2 c  Chocolate chip or gingersnap
            -cookie crumbs
       3 tb Butter, melted
       1 pk (3-1/2 oz) instant vanilla
            -pudding mix
       1 ct (8 oz) plain yogurt
       1 pk (8 oz) cream cheese,
     1/4 c  Orange juice
       4 ts Grated orange peel
       1 cn (20 oz) Dole pineapple
            -slices (in unsweetened
            -pineapple juice)
       1 ts Each: sugar, cornstarch
   Recipe Corner 8/92  Sonya Whitaker-Quandt
   Combine crumbs with butter. Press in 9-inch pie plate. Bake in 400
   degree oven 5 minutes. Beat together pudding mix, yogurt, cream
   cheese, orange juice and 2 tsp orange peel (mixture is stiff). Turn
   into crust. Chill. Drain pineapple, reserve 1/2 cup juice. Combine
   juice, sugar and cornstarch. Cook, stirring until boils and thickens.
   Cool. Stir in remaining orange peel. Arrange pineapple over top of
   pie. Spoon sauce over pineapple. Serves 6.