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  Categories: Pies, Lemon, Fruit, Desserts
       Yield: 9 servings
       4 tb (1/2 stick) butter,softened
            -at room temperature
       1 c  Granulated sugar
       3    Extra large egg yolks at
            -room temperature
     1/3 c  Freshly squeezed lemon
       2 ts Finely grated lemon rind
       3 tb Plus 2 teaspoons all-purpose
       1 c  Light cream at room
       2    Extra large egg whites at
            -room temperature
       1 pn Cream of tartar
       1    Fully baked 9 pie shell
   Cream butter well in large mixing bowl.Add 3/4 cup sugar in 2
   additions,beating 1 minute after each portion added.Blend in the egg
   yolks,1 at a time,beating well after each addition.Beat in the lemon
   juice and rind;beat in flour and cream. Beat egg whites on moderately
   high speed in small deep bowl until frothy.Add cream of
   tartar;continue beating until soft peaks form.Add remaining 1/4 cup
   sugar;beat until firm but moist peaks form.Stir in small spoonful of
   the egg whites into lemon mixture; then fold in remaining egg whites.
   Gently,pour filling into baked pie shell.Bake @ 400 degrees 10
   minutes,reduce oven temperature to 350 degrees and continue baking
   about 25 minutes or until top is well risen and firm to the touch.
   Transfer to cooling rack.Cool completely;then refrigerate 6 hours
   before serving.Makes one 9 pie.