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       Title: OUR LEMON PIE
  Categories: Diabetic, Desserts, Pies
       Yield: 8 servings
       3 tb Margarine;
      10    Graham cracker squares;
     1/2 c  Skimmed evaporated milk;
       1 pk Dream Whip;
      27 pk Equal sweetener;
       2    Egg yolks;
       2 lg Lemons; 1/2 cup juice
       3    Egg whites;
       3 tb Sugar;
   Melt margarine on medium to low heat.  Roll graham
   crackers into crumbs with rolling pin.  Mix crumbs and
   melted margarine. Pat to make crust on bottom and
   sides of pie pan. Chill.
   Add cold evaporated milk to Dream Whip (do not add
   vanilla). Sprinkle in 24 pkg. Equal.  Mix and beat
   according to directions. Beat egg yolks slightly, and
   gradually stir in lemon juice. Gradually fold in the
   whipped Dream Whip.  Spread in pie crust.  Turn on
   broiler so it will get hot. Beat 3 egg whites frothy
   (use clean beaters so whites will beat up as fluffy as
   possible).  Add 1 tbs. sugar and beat until blended
   in. Add another tbs. sugar and 3 Equal pkg. and beat
   until soft peaks form. Spread meringue over top.
   Spread meringue to stick to the edges so it won't
   shrink when you broil it.
   Put under broiler for 30-60 seconds until meringue is
   lightly browned. IT DOESN'T TAKE LONG AT ALL AND IS
   EASY TO BURN. The flavors will blend better if you
   chill for 5 hours.
   Nutrients per serving:  Calories 144, fat 5g,
   cholesterol .6mg, carbohydrate 27g, sodium 81mg.
   Exchanges:  Bread 1, fruit 1/2, milk 1/2, fat 1.
   Source:  “There IS Life after Lettuce” by Pepper
   Durcholz, Alberta Gentry, Carolyn Williamson, M.S.
   Formatted for Meal-Master by Joyce Burton