Date:    Thu, 24 Nov 94 11:31:34 EST
 From:    dabizier@COLBY.EDU (Deborah A. Bizier)
 This is eeeeeasy, fast, and only dirties a few dishes....low fat
 Low Fat Chocolate Pie Filling
 2/3 c. sugar
 1/2 c. cornstarch
 6 T. cocoa
 4 c. skim milk - add 1 c. at a time
 2 t. vanilla
 mix dry ingredients, add milk and vanilla.  Microwave (depending on
 wattage) in intervals and stir between to thicken,  when thickened, but
 still able to pour, do so into your favorite crust....refrigerate with
 plastic wrap ON filling....serve with topping of choice.....makes about
 9"pie, and can easily be adapted for bigger plates.