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       Title: Chocolate Midnight Madness
  Categories: Pies, Desserts
       Yield: 1 servings
       1 pk (8 oz) cream cheese, soft.
     1/2 c  HELLMAN'S (R) Real mayonaise
     1/2 c  Sugar
       2    Eggs
       1 pk Semi-sweet chocolate chips,
       1 ts Vanilla
       1    Chocolate pie crust
   1>. In a large bowl with mixer at medium speed beat cream cheese and
   real mayonaise until smooth, gradually beat in sugar. 2>. Beat in
   eggs, one at atime, beat in chocolate and vanilla until smooth. 3>.
   Pour into pie crust, place on cookie sheet. Bake at 350øF oven 30 to
   35 minutes or until set. Chill 4 hours.