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       Title: BLACK MAGIC PIE *
  Categories: Pies, Ice cream
       Yield: 8 servings
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      42    Oreo cookies
       2 tb Margarine; melted
       1 qt Chocolate ice cream
       1 pt Vanilla ice cream; softened
     1/2 c  Whipped topping
            Chocolate fudge sauce
   Finely crush 22 cookies. Mix 1-1/4 cup crumbs and margarine; set aside
   remaining crumbs. Press onto bottom of 9 pie plate. Stand 14 cookies
   around edge of plate, pressing lightly into crust. Scoop chocolate ice
   cream into balls; arrange in prepared crust. Coarsely chop remaining 6
   cookies; sprinkle over ice cream scoops. Spread softened vanilla ice cream
   evenly over cookie layer; freeze 15 minutes. Top with a layer of reserved
   cookie crumbs, pressing gently into ice cream. Freeze several hours or
   overnight. To serve, garnish with whipped topping and chocolate sauce.