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       Title: World’s Largest Apple Pie
  Categories: Pies
       Yield: 9999 Servings
            -XDXH99A Lorna Brown
     352 lb Flour
     132 lb Shortening
   8 1/4 ga -water
     1/2 lb Salt
      18 lb Butter
     320    Bushels of apples
  77 1/2 lb Cinnamon
  19 1/3 lb Nutmeg
      48 lb Flour
   9 2/3 ga Lemon juice
     700 lb Brown sugar
    1400 lb White sugar
   Roll crust in strips. Pat together in an 18' round x 18 deep pan. Bake in
   19'round x 19 deep cinder block oven at 350 degrees to 400 degrees until
   done. Serves 15,000. * This was baked for Hilton’s 1982 Apple Festival here
   in Western NY. We used to be the heart of the Apple Capital here. The 20 oz
   Apple (one of the best pie apples ever) was “born” here in Hilton, NY..