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       Title: Classic Mud Pie
  Categories: pies
       Yield: 8 servings
       6 oz Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
   1 1/4 c  Chocolate Wafer Crumbs
       3 tb Butter
 --------------------------------FUDGE SAUCE---------------------------------
       6 oz Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
       3 tb Butter
     1/2 c  Heavy Cream (whipping cream)
       1 tb Coffee Flavored Liqueur
       1 qt Coffee Ice Cream; softened
            Whipping Cream (Optional)
       2 tb Coffee Flavored Liqueur
   Combine  over  hot (not boiling) water, 1/2 C  chocolate  chips  and butter
   ,  stir  until chips are melted and mixture  is  smooth.   Add chocolate wa
   fer crumbs, stir until well blended.  Press into  9-inch pie pan.  Chill un
   til firm. FUDGE SAUCE:
   Combine  over  hot (not boiling) water remaining 1 1/2  C  chocolate chips,
   heavy  cream, and butter.  Stir until chips are  melted  and mixture  is  s
   mooth.   Remover from heat, stir  in  coffee  flavored liqueur.   Chill  10
   minutes.   Spread 1/2 C  sauce  on  bottom  of chocolate cookie crust.  Chi
   ll 15 minutes. FILLING:
   In large bowl, combine ice cream and coffee flavored liqueur.   Pour over
   Fudge Sauce layer in pie pan.  Freeze several hours  or  until firm.   Serv
   e with remaining warm Fudge Sauce and Whipped  Cream  if used.  Makes 1 9-i
   nch pie
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   Preparation Time:  0:00