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      Title: #710270 Angel  Pie
 Categories: DESSERTS
   Servings: 1
       3    eggs, separated
     1/8 ts cream of tartar
     3/4 c  sugar--FILLING:--1/2 c.
       1 TB grated lemon peel
       3 TB lemon juice
       3    reserved egg yolks
       1 c  (1/2 pt.) whipping cream,
 Preparation : 
 Heat oven to 275 degrees.  Grease 9-inch pie pan.  In small bowl,
 beat egg whites (reserve yolks) with cream of tartar until frothy. 
 Gradually add 3/4 cup sugar, beating continuously until stiff peaks
 form.  Spread over bottom and sides of prepared pie pan.  Meringue
 puffs up during baking, so spread only to top edge of pan.  Bake for
 60 minutes.  Turn oven off. Leave crust in oven to cool and dry.  In
 small saucepan, combine filling ingredients except whipped cream. 
 Cook over low heat until thickened stirring constantly.  Cool.  Fold
 into whipped cream.  Pour into meringue shell. Refrigerate
 overnight.  If desired, garnish with thin lemon slices or grated
 lemon peel.  9-inch pie.