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       Title: Cape Cod Cranberry Velvet Pie
  Categories: Cranberries, Desserts, Frozen dish, Pies/tarts, Cream chees
       Yield: 8 servings
         6 oz ready shortbread crust
         8 oz pk cream  cheese -- softened
         1 pt whipping cream
       1/4 c  sugar
       1/2 ts vanilla extract
        16 oz whole berry cranberry sauce
   :          -canned
   In a large mixing bowl, beat cream cheese until
   fluffy. In small mixer bowl, beat whipping cream,
   sugar and vanilla until soft peaks form. Gradually add
   to cream cheese, beating until smooth and creamy. Set
   aside a few whole cranberries from sauce for garnish.
   Fold remaining sauce into whipped mixture. Spoon into
   pie crust. Freeze 4 hours until firm. Ganrish with
   reserved berries. Remove from freezer 15 minutes
   before serving.
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