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                              Torta Margherita
 Recipe By     : Katie E Green <kgreen@u.washington.edu>
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Chocolate                        Pies
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    4      large         eggs
    2      large         egg yolks
    1      pinch         salt
      3/4  cup           sugar
    1      cup           flour
                         If a chocolate flavored cake is desired
                         substitute for the flour above:
      2/3  cup           flour
      1/4  cup           dutch cocoa powder
       NOTE:    Eggs and sugar are warmed to room temperature before whipping.	
   This allows more air to be absorbed and LEAVEN the batter while    baking.
       Combine all but flour.  Whisk to mix.  Place over simmering    water so
   bowl touches water (double boiler application).  Whisk    until warm (100 -
   105F).  Remove bowl and whip on hi speed with    a whip attachment until light
   in color and cooled.  Volume will	increase 4 times over.
       Sift flour, 1/4 cup at a time, over egg foam.  Fold GENTLY with	 a
   spatula after each addition to incorporate...keeping as much    air as
   possible in mixture.
       Pour into prepared pan (greased and lightly dusted with flour or	  cocoa).
    Bake 325F for 30 minutes, until risen, firm to touch    and deep golden in
   color.  Invert on rack and carefully remove	  paper with point of a small
   knife.  Immediately invert to cool,	  to room temperature.
       When cooled, may be double wrapped in plastic wrap.  Will keep 5	  days
   ahead in refrigerator; freezer 1 month.
 	Cake may be used as is, or split and iced with either “filling”    for
    Torta Nera Con le Noci, or Torta Di Amaretti.  Also simple	  dribblings of a
    raspberry puree, or chocolate sauce or cranberry	liqueur type sauce and
    powdered sugar dusting would be nice.    The Chateau in Ottowa presented such
    a cake, sitting on a plate	  which had a thin half circle each of raspberry
    puree/chocolate    puree (like sitting on a two colored doily).  Very nice,
    as the    bites of sponge type cake could be doused in the sauce of your   
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