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  Categories: Flowers, Fruits, Pies, Cakes
       Yield: 1 Batch
    1.50 c  Water
    3.00 oz Rosehips
    0.50 c  Brown sugar
    1.00    Cinnamon stick
    3.00    Herbal tea bags (a brand
            With hibiscus or rosehips
    1.00 c  Currant jelly, red or black
            Or a mixture
    1.00 tb Lemon juice
    1.50 ts Butter or marg.
    0.50 ts Flour
   Boil the water, cinnamon, and herbal tea until the water is reduced
   to one cup. Remove the cinnamon and herbal tea and add the brown
   sugar, lemon juice, and rosehips, and simmer briskly (medium heat)
   until the water is just above the rosehips. Then, add the currant
   jelly, and stir till it is all dissolved; continue simmering for five
   minutes, stirring all the while and watching carefully for scorching.
   Blend butter and flour thoroughly, and stir into the currant jelly
   mixture until it is thickened. Take the mixture off the heat; it is
   ready to use.
   Note#1 : If you want to avoid the extra butter, blend the flour with
   tablespoon or more of water; you want to suspend the flour in the
   water, not have a batter. Take the currant mixture off the heat, stir
   in the flour mixture all at once and thoroughly, and then return it
   to the heat to thicken.
   Note #2: omit the butter and flour, and perhaps add a chopped apple,
   some raisins, etc, for a healthful fruit stew.
   Nyani-Iisha F. Martin