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  Categories: Desserts, Low fat
       Yield: 6 servings
       8 oz Cereal - I tried to use
            Golden grahams, but could
            Only buy
            One-serving pack, which
            Wasn't quite enough, so
            Added some All-Bran.
            Another time I might try
            Shreddies instead.  American
            Readers feel free
            To use no-fat graham
            Crackers (which I can't get)
       1 tb Pear and Apple spread (I
            Used Pear and Apricot, which
            What I had - I expect apple
            Butter would be a good
       1    Tin skimmed condensed milk -
            If unavailable, then as
            Low-fat as you can
       3    Bananas, sliced lengthwise
            About 8 oz cream substitute
            I used fromage frais mixed
            With Quark, but
            If that means nothing to you
            Then use yogurt or other
            Cream substitute.
   The day before, boil unopened can of milk for three
   hours - don't let it boil dry whatever you do.  Allow
   to cool.  Make biscuit base by turning the cereal into
   crumbs, melting the fruit butter in the microwave
   (only about 30 seconds), mixing the two together and
   pressing down into the flan dish. Leave in the fridge
   to harden.  Please note that cereal crumbs quicker
   than digestives/graham crackers do, so be prepared, or
   what you'll have is powder!
   Next day, open the can of milk, which will have turned
   to toffee, and spread it over the biscuit base - which
   will try and stick to the toffee, so just swoosh it
   round as best you can.  Top this with the sliced
   bananas, and instantly with the cream substitute (if
   you hang about, the bananas will go brown and ucky).
   Refrigerate until wanted.