Date:    17 Nov 93 16:03:41 CST
 From:    “Anne Bolter”  <>
 Subject: sweet tooth recipe
 2 &1/3 Cup Wholewheat Flour
 1 Cup Brown Sugar
 2 Cups Oats (Oat Flour or Blended Oats)
 1 Tsp Baking Soda
 1 Tsp Baking Powder
 To Taste Cinnamon
 To Taste Cloves
 To Taste Nutmeg
 To Taste Allspice
 1 Tsp Vanilla
 **************                *************
 Option A                      Option B
 4 egg whites (2 egg beaters)  2 egg whites (1 egg beater)
 2 TBLS Skim Milk              1/3 Cup Molasses
 1/2 Cup Molassess             2/3 Cup Applesauce
 ****************              ****************
 # 1/2 Cup Honey
 Mix Dry Ingredients.  Mix Wet Ingredients, EXCEPT for honey.  Combine
 the wet and the dry ingredients.  If batter is too dry (it should be
 moist and pliable) add up to 1/2 cup honey.  Refrigerate until the
 batter is cold.  Bake in a 300-325 degreeoven.  Lightly spray pans
 with pam or use baker liner sheets.  Cook until crispy looking.  Note
 this is very important because the cookies will continue to get moist
 the longer you keep them.  You can add your favorite dried fruit to
 the cookies for additional taste.  Good luck and good eating and if
 you have any questions (no flames accepted *grin*) feel free to
 contact me.