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  Categories: Cookies, Moroccan, Holiday, Quantity
       Yield: 1 Hundreds!
       4 lb Flour
       3 lb Butter
       2 lb Sesame seeds;plus additional
            -toasted seeds for sprinklng
       1 tb Dry yeast dissolved in
            -1/2 cup water
      20 g  Gum arabic; optional
       1 tb Saffron stamens
     1/2 lb Smen; seasoned butter
       1 tb Cinnamon, ground
       1 qt Vegetable oil
       1 qt Vegetable oil; for frying
      10 lb Honey
   “This recipe is frankly for historical purposes as its
   yield indicates suitability for commercial or
   restaurant production rather than home baking. With
   unusual proportions of butter, oil and honey in the
   batter, yeast for rising and more oil for frying,
   making the cookies would be rather daunting were it
   not for the fact that they help glorify a particularly
   holy celebration.”
   1. In a food processor process all the ingredients,
   except the honey, into a paste.
   2. Take a walnut-sized piece of paste and roll it out
   very thin. Using a metal cut-out typically found in
   Morocco, with different designs, cut out cookies and
   let them rise for 15 minutes. Deep-fry the cookies in
   the remaining quart of oil in batches over low heat
   just to brown.
   3. Soak the cookies in the honey for 15 minutes.
   Remove and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds.
   Makes several hundred cookies.
   Source: “The Great Book of Couscous” by Copeland Marks