Subject: “Cheesecake” Recipe, Non-vegan
 This is my own no cheese chessecake recipe, it follows the Ornish
 guidelines to my best knowledge (except for oiling the pan).
 Lu’s no cheese Cheesecake
 4 egg whites (large eggs)
 1/4 cup white sugar
 14 oz nonfat yogurt (if you use Dannon, it is the 16 oz less about 3 tbs)
 3/8 tsp baking soda (NOT baking powder)
 1/4 cup unbleached flour
 2 1/2 tbs frozen limeaid
 (I've never tried fresh lime, but I would quess same quantity and
 since the limeaid has sugar in it, you will have to add sugar, I
 guess 1/2 tbs)  I cannot guarantee results on modifications since
 most modifications that I've tried (ie, more limeaid, no bkg soda)
 did not come out satisfactorily.  I have been experimenting on
 reducing the sugar, and plan to try natural fruit juices instead.
 Optional Crust
 2 tbs unbleached flour
 1 tbs white sugar
 1 tbs berry juice or water
 In a medium size bowl:
 Whip egg whites until stiff but not dry.  Add 1/4 cup sugar as you
 are whipping them.  Set aside.
 In a separate bowl (large size bowl):
 Strain yougurt if necessary, so that you do not include the watery
 liquid part.  But don't take more than a few minutes to strain.
 (I just pour off the liquid part by tipping the container
 or spooning the solid part out.  If you use a better brand like
 Alta Dena, you may not even have to do this.)
 Add 3/8 tsp baking soda, and stir.  Add 1/4 cup unbleached white flour
 and stir.  Add the limeaid.  This may also be blended together with
 the whipping blades.  Stir well.
 Stir a little bit of the egg whites into the yogurt mixture, until
 well stirred in.  Then fold the remaining egg white mixture into the
 yogurt mixture, blending well but not stirring roughly so as not to
 decrease the fluff in the mixture.  Do not worry too much about this,
 since the baking soda will help the mixture rise.
 Prepare cheesecake (springform) pan with 1 tsp oil by rubbing the oil
 in with your fingers along the bottom, bottom edges and sides.
 Pour mixture into pan.
 If optional crust is desired, this goes on top:
 Mix the sugar, flour, and juice until well blended and moist enough to
 be pourable with help of a spoon.  Spoon this mixture around the outer
 edges of the cheesecake mixture, so that it forms a 1/2 inch band
 about 1/4 inch away from the side of the pan.  This does not have to
 be perfect, but the thinner you spread this mixture, the finer the
 “crust”.  And the baking process will form a sort of a crust anyway,
 but the crispness will differ.  Gaps in this “band” are okay.
 Prepare oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  Bake approx 25 minutes.
 My oven may not be accurate, so you may have to check it after
 15 minutes to see if it is browning.  If you shake it and it
 jiggles, it’s probably done.  If the crust is a nice brown,
 take it out anyway, because this cake is prone to burning on
 the top.  If it is too liquidy, but brown, then you may have to
 turn your oven down a bit (but I wouldn't risk burning the crust
 because thats half of it’s goodness).
 Serve within minutes of removing from oven, since then it will
 be at its tallest.  If you refridgerate it overnight, it will
 be flatter but very tasty, and IMO, that is when it tastes the
 most like a nice delicate cheesecake.  (Serves about 6 slices).