Date:    Sun, 26 Sep 93 16:43:16 CDT
 From:    <U33754%UICVM@UIC.EDU>
 Orange Spice Couscous Cake
 spices (ahem.. conservative estimates, you might bump up the amounts)
 1/16 tsp cloves (grind yourself rather than using pre-ground powder)
 1/16 tsp allspice
 1/16 tsp cinnamon
 (in fact, the spice mix came from Anna Thomas' _The Vegetarian Epicure_
 book from 1975 (?) and the book has been reprinted several times, so it’s
 still around in bookstores copy is lost or may be in the basement,
 so these are approximations, if you have the book, look for the orange
 spice drink recipe and copy from there).  if I find the book, i'll post
 for sure.
 2 cups orange juice
 1 cup dry couscous
 1 tbs (or more) orange blossom honey (I only use honey in the glaze, but
 mention it here as an afterthought since the cake might have been sweeter
 -- but the best bet is not to use it the first time and let the glaze
 serve as the sweetener)
 juices strained from the cooking process
 additional (if needed) orange juice to total about 1/3 cup of oj liquid
 1 tbs mild (orange blossom, clover, or blended) honey
 1/2 tsp cornstarch
 2 tsp water
 more spices (optional)
 instructions for cake:
 boil the orange juice and the spices, blend in the (afterthought.. )
 honey, and add the dry couscous, let simmer 4-5 minutes, or until it
 appears done.  strain the couscous, retaining the juices in a small
 saucepan or skillet.  mold the couscous into a bombe shape, ie. a very
 rounded half sphere (squish out the air if you are the tactile type).
 place this on a flat serving platter.  then make the glaze (recipe
 follows) and pour the hot glaze all over the cake.  serve while the glaze
 is still warm, by cutting cake in wedges.  serves about two to four.
 instructions for glaze:
 warm the strained juices and any additional orange juice in a small
 saucepan, stir in honey (and optional spices).  dilute cornstarch in water
 and add to the juices and honey, keeping flame low, stirring constantly.
 this will glaze up rather quickly if you are using a skillet.  do not let
 the honey carmelize too much or else you will have a sticky mess that
 won't pour.  pour hot glaze over the bombe shaped cake.  retain (or make)
 extra glaze for placing on top of slices.
 you might make extra glaze to add to the cake.  you might serve alongside
 mandarin orange segments (these can be bought canned and strained before
 serving).  you might add more spices to the cake or the glaze.  you might
 mold the cake with the orange segments (but good luck, it may not hold its
 shape as easily).  you might try to mold it differently -- i guess that
 these couscous cakes need an oiled mold but fatfree guidelines don't
 permit much added oil, perhaps a paper towel dipped in oil and swiped over
 the mold will do.   enjoy with tea.