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       Title: Italian Rum Cake
  Categories: Desserts, Alcohol
       Yield: 12 servings
       1 cn Dark pitted cherries;
            - drained, soaked in rum
            - overnight
       1 c  Rum
       1 c  Sliced canned peaches; drain
       1 lg Vanilla pudding *
       1 lg Chocolate pudding *
       2 pk Stella D'Oro anisette toast
     1/3 c  Creme de cacao
     2/3 c  Rum
    * do not use instant pudding Drain rum from cherries and add to
   creme de cacao mixture. Cook both puddings separately. Let cool. Line
   bottom of springform pan with cookies. Fill in all gaps. Drizzle rum
   & cream de cacao mixture over cookies, using 1/3 of mixture. Add
   peaches to vanilla pudding. Add cherries to chocolate pudding. In
   springform pan lined with cookies, place vanilla pudding w/peaches.
   Add another layer of cookies. Drizzle with half of remainder of rum
   mixture. Spread chocolate pudding with cherries on top. Layer again
   with cookies and drizzle remaining rum mixture. Place in refrigerator
   for several hours or overnight. Top with whipped cream at serving