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  Categories: Cakes
       Yield: 12 Servings
            -----waldine van geffen vghc
       1    Pk 2-layer german chocolate
      14 oz Can sweetened condensed milk
  19 1/2 oz Jar butterscotch; caramel
            Fudge topping
       3    Chocolate-covered toffee; ca
       1 c  Peanuts
            Frozen whipped topping; thaw
   Prepare and bake cake in a 9x13 baking according to package directions.
   While cake is still warm, poke about a dozen holes across top with
   thehandle of a wooden spoon; let cool slightly. Pour condensed milk and
   topping into holes. Let stand a few minutes and then spread with whipped
   topping; spinkle crushed candy bars on top.