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  Categories: Abm, Bread
       Yield: 24 ounces
 MMMMM-----------------BEST BREAD MACHINE CB EVER----------------------
   1 3/4 ts Yeast
       3 c  Bread flour
       3 tb Wheat germ
       3 tb Wheat bran
     1/3 c  Sugar
     1/2 tb Salt
       2 ts Orange peel, grated
   1 1/2 ts Lemon peel, grated
       1    Eggs
       3 tb Butter
     3/4 c  Sourdough starter
     3/4 c  Water; warm
   Bring all ingredients to room temperature and pour into bakery, in
   order. Set “baking control” at 10 o'clock.  Select “white bread” and
   push Start.
   In hot & humid weather, use 1/8 c less water.
   The sweet and tart citrus flavor of this loaf complements chicken,
   turkey, and cold roast pork.  Toast made from this moist, dense bread
   has a clear flavor that should not be masked by anything more
   overbearing than a slim coating of butter or cottage cheese.
   Tested in DAK R2D2.  Sylvia’s comments:
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